Nazneen ( Halal Fashion) is all about fashion of Islamic dressing and sophisticated look of modern women. Our Abaya’s design are to cater to millions of women living in there and for them to feel comfortable, covered and confident and own their dressing choices. We offer the perfect blend of modernity and modesty .



After working for many International  renown brands  and manufacturing , designing and  exporting numbers of garments from last 2 decades to different parts of world , I decided do design for our Muslim  Hijabi  sisters under Islamic guidance as well as modern life and current fashion world. Founder AKMAL SIDDIQUE
Our mission is to provide a wide range of Abayas, the best quality of industry , numbers of design in all category of garment industry on affordable price “our products are value for many”

We do in-house manufacturing, designing, finishing selling directly to customers, take feed back for feed forward

Executive Abaya  : (To whom they are entrepreneur and  working in corporate that beats its counterparts when it comes to perfect sophistication and class. It gifts all women with a sense of glorifying confidence that they simply do not find elsewhere)
Collage Abaya :  ( For youth who represent Muslims in modern edge and  future of next generation )
Burqown  :  ( Combination of Burqa and Gown for special occasion as evening  abaya that look extravagantly unique and impressive.)
Party Abaya :  ( To whom they attended many ceremonies frequently and deeply consider the fashion priorities of different classes )
Wedding Abaya : ( who planning to marriage soon with modesty these are very luxurious and embellished abaya clothing line that took the fashion world by storm. This range creates products  with utmost quality of fabrics, embroideries  which are produced with high-class finishing and  main concern is nothing but customer satisfaction)
Jogging Abaya : ( To whom who want to keep fit their self under modesty)
Travel Abaya : ( To whom who want to be feel comfort during traveling)
Sport Abaya : ( To whom they are sporty as well as modest )
Bohemian Abaya : ( To whom who are artistic, activist , socialist with modesty )
Funky Abaya : ( The girls who are rock as well as Hijabi )
Everyday Abaya : ( Easy to wear , easy to carry, fit in all time with comfort whole day long)
Denim Abaya ( Ruff and tuff for  denim lover )
Kimono Abaya : ( To look stylish and to show off your quirky  fashion sense )
Casual Abaya : ( To frequently out for day to day responsibility )
Printed Abaya : ( More feminine look to keep fresh up mood with flowers)
Western Abaya ( Silhouette  of western dresses in modesty this range relies on minimal overlays in its design and ensures that your wardrobe composes a bit of color, a bit of subtleness and a bit of fancy details to your clothing. all the designs that will be a perfect match for fashion lover and a perfect match for any occasion. It will be the ultimate option if you want to renew your wardrobe)

Classic Abaya ( The classic and prestigious design , excellent idea for making your eveningwear as remarkable as possible. The range offers various designs that are chic and elegant and falls under the taste of all women who are very choosy when it comes to fashion. It tends to impress the taste of all who are not pleased easy or satisfied with just about any other fashion range.  Styles in this range could be both modern or classic and you can choose according to your need.)

Our Spciallity

Worked for International Brands
Manufactured for Renown brands



Md. Akmal Siddique

CEO & Founder

Email: akmal.siddique@gmail.com

CO - Founder

Nahid Akmal Siddique

CO - Founder

Email: nahidsiddique1985@gmail.com


Shahbaz Ahmad


Email: shahbazfarooqi818186@.com


Q. ALAM (Azam Khan)

Technical head

Email: graniapc@gmail.com


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